4 juveniles arrested in connection with tainted cupcakes at Connecticut school, police say

Four juveniles were arrested in connection with a tainted batch of cupcakes that were brought to a Connecticut school last year, police said Monday rd client 다운로드.

Two boys and two girls were charged with conspiracy to commit fourth-degree sexual assault, fourth-degree sexual assault and second-degree breach of peace, FOX61 reported Ollydbg 64bit. Winchester police said the names of the juveniles weren’t released because of their age. All of them reportedly gave themselves up to police.

“The case was presented to the prosecuting authorities after an extensive forensic examination of the ‘cupcake’ and DNA comparisons of the suspect juveniles,” police said pou 돈버그 다운로드.

Police said last June that they were investigating after it was believed that cupcakes brought to Gilbert School were tainted with bodily fluids, according to WFSB-TV Ibiza River. A student told the station that two batches of the cupcakes were served before school started and that fellow students and a teacher were targeted.

“They were made for certain kids and they were given on a day where they were handing out and certain people got certain ones,” Kelsey Owens, a former student, told WFSB-TV tilesweeper.

A concerned parent told FOX61 the students pretended that the cupcakes were baked out of the kindness of their hearts.

“Then, during lunch, they bragged about putting ‘bodily fluids’ into the cupcakes to a small group of friends at lunch 탐구 보고서 양식 다운로드. They expected their friends to find it funny, but reactions apparently backfired,” the parent said.

Police said the substance put into the cupcakes wasn’t dangerous and no students fell ill because of it 아이폰 이메일 다운로드.

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