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Dr. Ali Mokdad on latest coronavirus modeling: US is ‘really making progress’ in containing pandemic – True Red American

Dr. Ali Mokdad on latest coronavirus modeling: US is ‘really making progress’ in containing pandemic

The University of Washington professor behind one of the most influential modelings of the coronavirus pandemic told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Tuesday that “the worst is behind us as a country.”

“As I said before, many states are seeing a decline pycharm 다운로드. Some states were delayed [implementing] social distancing measures. We see a peak later and that will come down later,” Dr. Ali Mokdad told Hemmer Yesform. “What we are seeing right now is a country … really making progress and people, Americans, have stayed at home and have helped us really contain this pandemic.”


The latest model from UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projected the outbreak to kill 68,841 Americans by Aug 다폰트 다운로드. 4 of this year. The peak daily death toll of 2,150 Americans was projected to have been reached Monday.

Hemmer pressed Mokdad about the model’s projection that no Americans will die in the current outbeak after June 27 Windows7 Internet Explorer 10.

“The model is still tracking very well [in terms of] the mortality in the U.S. And actually… you’re showing an average,” Mokdad said 안녕 티라노 영원히 함께 다운로드. “For some states… that’ll be much earlier.”


Mokdad said his model shows some places may be be able to get businesses open again as long as testing is bolstered 뱀부 페이퍼 다운로드.

“Certain states are ready to consider returning to business much faster than others,” Mokdad said. “As long as we are able to make sure we have in place the testing and the capacity to trace all the cases and the contacts.”

White House coronavirus task force member Dr youtube auto-generated subtitles. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that the U.S. does not have the testing and tracing procedures necessary to safely begin reopening on May 1 saying the target may be a “bit” too optimistic 윈도우 10 미디어 플레이어 다운로드.

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