Florida man claims he killed, dismembered roommate because he was possibly ‘next mass killer,’ cops say

A Florida man claimed he shot and killed his roommate — and then dismembered him — because he could “possibly be the next mass killer that we hear about in the media,” police said Oracle client 64bit.

Eric Dacosta, 52, faces charges of premeditated murder and abuse of a dead body in the death of Paul Stephen Darmetko, whose remains were discovered by hunters Oct Download Call of Duty World at War. 7, the Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday. Darmetko’s mother reported him missing Oct. 13 after Dacosta told her he hadn’t heard from his roommate of five months for about a week flat brush.

The Fort Lauderdale man surrendered himself to police Oct. 20 after reportedly admitting he had information about the 42-year-old man’s death 작은 아씨들 다운로드.

Dacosta allegedly told investigators Darmetko had become increasingly violent in the five years he had known him. He claimed his roommate had an undiagnosed mental illness, used cocaine and was prone to violent verbal outbursts that included death threats toward him and his family 더원 mp3 다운로드.

Dacosta reportedly said he took matters into his own hands Oct. 4 when Darmetko, while discussing his ex-wife’s visit, threatened to kill Dacosta 5자리 우편번호 다운로드. Dacosta told police he shot his roommate in the back of the head, covered the head with a plastic bag and then secured it with a belt around the neck to stop the bleeding, the Sun-Sentinel reported dolby 다운로드.

Dacosta then allegedly dismembered Darmetko’s body in a bathtub to “make him smaller,” the arrest report stated. He shoved the body parts in plastic bags, placed it in a chest freezer and drove the remains to a wildlife park where he used to hunt, officials said 로마의 휴일 다운로드. He dumped the remains in a canal on the Dinner Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area in Hendry County.

Dacosta said although he wasn’t in immediate danger, he believed Darmetko would have killed him or someone else 기본이력서 다운로드. He admitted he could have left the house the night he shot and killed Darmetko, authorities said.

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