Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl chugs beer, falls off stage during recent concert

Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl tried to be cool on stage at a recent concert only for the moment to be immediately undercut by a spill off the stage.

In a video posted to Instagram by a concert attendee, Grohl can be seen walking to the side of the stage while continuing to play the guitar. He gets the attention of someone standing off camera who hands him a Bud Light.

Grohl tries to position the beer on a speaker so that he can attempt to drink it while his hands are occupied on his guitar. However, he spills a little bit of the drink all over said speaker before throwing caution to the wind, picking up the can and chugging it down.

Fans cheered at the very rock-n-roll move, but found themselves worried soon after. Grohl took a few steps back up to continue playing with his bandmates when he lost his balance and fell off the stage. Fortunately, security guards were in position and able to stand him right back up and get him back on the stage where he continued playing as if nothing happened. The rocker appeared fine and even did a light jog back to his normal position to finish out the show.

Although the beer-chugging incident happened without any real injury, diehard fans know to keep a close eye on Grohl when it comes to stage falls.

In 2015, he was performing with the band in Sweden when he fell off a 12ft stage and broke his leg in front of a massive crowd. He would later tell The Sun in 2017 that he didn’t just snap the bone, but tore and dislocated all the ligaments. To his credit, the rocker powered through the pain and gave his word that he would return to finish out the concert. After going backstage and being attended to by medical professionals, he somehow went back out and finished the show while sitting in a chair.

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