Lava from Hawaii volcano destroys 117 Big Island homes

Lava from an erupting Hawaii volcano has destroyed more than 100 homes in a rural Big Island district sketch-up podium.

Hawaii County spokeswoman Janet Snyder says that as of Monday, lava burned down 117 homes. Snyder says that’s up from Friday’s count of 87 Kakao page overseas download. She doesn’t have an estimate for how many other homes are threatened.

Thousands in the Puna district had to evacuate after lava fissures started opening a month ago movie into the forest of fireflies.

Helicopter footage from the U.S. Geological Survey on Monday shows lava from one fissure entering the ocean at Kapoho Bay.

There have been various arrests of people forcing their way through blocked areas 다음팟tv 다운로드. Police on Monday said a man sped through a checkpoint near an intersection where lava was approaching. He faces charges that include refusing to evacuate and reckless driving 크롬 인스톨러 다운로드.

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