Lee Cohen: Trump’s London trip — President could resurrect Churchill and global media would still vilify him

No matter how the global press and America’s mainstream media wail and whinge, they cannot detract from the fact that President and Mrs. Trump are enjoying the most sought-after of diplomatic honors this week: a coveted British State visit hosted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

For all the sins that his critics heap on him, Mr Dream of Carnival Goose. Trump is enjoying the invitation for the second time, of a woman many find the world’s most dignified, diplomatic, and respected head of state.

Of course, some Britons are protesting, including confirmed Marxist and anti-Semite, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. American-born Meghan Markle is also staying away – officially on “maternity leave” but some have speculated, also “protesting” Trump’s visit jeans. Considering Corbyn’s profile, it is difficult to imagine any disappointment on the part of the administration.


The visit began Monday with Queen Elizabeth officially welcoming the Trumps to Buckingham Palace with a ceremony with the Queen, the Trumps, and Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, followed by an inspection of the Guard of Honour, complete with Royal gun salutes fired in Green Park and at the Tower of London.

The Trumps then were welcomed to a private lunch, followed by a special exhibition in the Palace picture gallery. This afternoon they proceed to Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, with Prince Andrew of York, to lay wreaths to the memory of the war dead cmd ftp.

Next, the president and first lady are welcomed to tea by Prince Charles and his wife at their residence, Clarence House.

Finally, the day concludes with a State Banquet during which the queen and the president will make speeches.

Predictably, some British headline writers couldn’t wait to throw cold water on Trump, not concentrating on the diplomatic details of the visit but quick to point out that “Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W 안드로이드 usb 드라이버 다운로드. Bush both lodged at the royal residence for state visits during their tenure.” But not the Trumps. Or that “Melania Trump’s Outfit Clashes with Camilla’s as they meet at Buckingham Palace.”

President Trump has a full foreign policy agenda scheduled for this visit in addition to the pomp and ceremony of the state visit.

He will attend services commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

He is also expected to address such critical issues as the future of Brexit, offering needed encouragement, and no doubt re-iterating his support for a bi-lateral U.S.-U.K sftp file. trade agreement, once Britain is unshackled from the EU.

Additionally, he will try to shore up Britain’s evolving positions on Iran and China’s Huawei’s expanded operations in the U.K.

To say it has been an eventful several years due to the Brexit political situation would be an understatement and President Trump arrives just after the embattled Theresa May has announced her resignation after failing in her mission to deliver Brexit. Here again, the media are having a field day attacking Trump for wading into waters they judge inappropriate for a visiting leader latest go mp3.

Their criticism is completely misguided considering the critical importance to the global order of the U.S.-U.K. Special Relationship.

Trump is absolutely right to offer his support to our staunchest ally considering the economic, cultural, and military bonds that exist between the two nations.

The press has been so selective in their condemnation considering their silence when Obama also waded into Brexit waters but predictably on the Remain side, the side more in line with the narratives of the ‘new world order’ global press 리그오브레전드 맥 다운로드.

Trump will also face major protests in the U.K. not unlike the hysterical chorus in the U.S. that hates him simply because he is an American exceptionalist. London’s far-left Mayor Sadiq Khan, famous for brushing off the carnage of terrorist attacks in his city with the cavalier statement,  that such acts are  ‘part and parcel of life in a big city’ has once again authorized the nonsensical ‘Baby Trump’ balloon Download the Amazon app. Trump returned the favor Monday morning by tweeting that the mayor had “by all accounts” done a “terrible job” just as he landed in London

Sadly, Megan Markle, the new Duchess of will not attend Monday’s luncheon where she could have been the only member of the royal family member of American origin in the room. Happily other members of her new family, including her husband, Prince Harry will be present.


Despite the protests, the Trumps will be among a select few to enjoy the hospitality of a singular host who has reigned for 67 years and met every U.S 더 골 다운로드. president since 1952, except Lyndon Johnson.

Trump could accomplish a lot with his visit. He could encourage the government transition to resolve Brexit, spearhead a U.S.-U.K. trade deal, make the world safer from the actions of Iran and China. Heck, he could even announce a cure for cancer and resurrect Churchill while in Britain and still the press won’t give him a break 페도라 리눅스 다운로드. But you can bet the whole world will be watching.

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