Michael Grimm aims for redemption in House race

Former Republican congressman Michael Grimm was attempting to take a big step toward returning to the House of Representatives Tuesday by unseating incumbent Dan Donovan in the GOP primary Download the Cartrider demo.

A Grimm victory would go against the preferences of his party as well as President Trump, who compared him to failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Twitter this past week Fate game.

Grimm, 48, is trying to win back his old seat in New York’s 11th District, which covers Republican-leaning, Trump-supporting Staten Island as well as a slice of South Brooklyn 이스케이프 플랜 다운로드. He represented the area for four years, between 2011 and 2015.

Grimm’s earlier tenure on Capitol Hill was chock-full of controversy and ended with his resignation after he pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud involving a restaurant he partially owned before going to Congress Princess of Crisis. Grimm served seven months in prison and now says the charges were politically motivated.

Earlier Tuesday, Grimm told Fox News’ “The Story”that he was not surprised by Trump’s support for Donovan 스나이퍼 플레이어 다운로드.

“There’s a tremendous amount of pressure put on the president by the Establishment that controls the House, leadership and so on,” Grimm told Martha MacCallum 배틀그라운드 에임핵 다운로드. “They don’t want the president going against their incumbents and ultimately, the president needs the team that’s in office now to pass his agenda.”

One year before his resignation, the former FBI agent survived a firestorm when he was caught on video threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony at the Capitol Hangul 2014 download.

Donovan, a 61-year-old former public prosecutor, isn’t shy about highlighting Grimm’s criminal history.

“My opponent went to federal prison and lost his right to vote 아이언 맨 1 다운로드. He couldn’t even vote for the president,” Donovan told Fox News this week. “My opponent says he supports the president, but didn’t say anything to support the president during the presidential election.”

For his part, Grimm has theorized that Trump’s public opposition gave him a boost in the race.

“It might have even fired up my base because a lot of them who are in full support of our president think he got it wrong, and want to be able to tell the president: ‘Hey, you are going to have the right guy to have your back,'” Grimm said.

Whoever survives the donnybrook between Grimm and Donovan will face one of six Democratic candidates in November. Both men have claimed that the seat is as good as lost for the GOP if their opponent wins.

“We only have one choice in this race,” Grimm says. “If I don’t win this primary we will lose this seat, of that I’m sure.”

“I’m the only Republican member of Congress in the city of New York,”” Donovan said. “And we will lose the only seat if my opponent is the nominee.”

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, David Lee Miller and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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