Mom gives birth at grocery store with help of cashier

CCTV captured the moment a mom went into labor at a supermarket checkout – and gave birth just 11 minutes later with help from a cashier 가질수없는너 다운로드.

The Russian woman, 28, is seen clutching the side of the counter as she realizes her baby is on its way urgently.

Seconds later she was on the floor by the register as staff rushed to gather towels in the shop in Nazyvaevsk, near Omsk Instagram.

Cashier Elena Barsukova, 35, took on the role of midwife aided by a colleague and two shoppers.


Barsukova, seen covering her face in shock, later admitted she briefly panicked after realizing the baby really was on the way 이력서 자기소개서 다운로드.

“There was no time to think,” she said.

One shopper helped lower the woman to the floor and removed her lower clothing.

But astonishingly other shoppers continued to make their purchases as if nothing was happening 바람의나라 핫키 다운로드.

A man in camouflage uniform can be seen entering and briefly looking over at the drama before wandering out of view.

Anna Tsybulskaya, 40, manager of the Nizkotsen (Low Prices) supermarket, said: “Everything happened so quickly 강남스타일 뮤직비디오 다운로드.

“An employee came running from the supermarket floor and said that a girl was giving birth there, so I called an ambulance and then went to see what was happening,” Tsybulskaya said. “By then the child was already on the mother’s tummy 취영롱 한글 자막 다운로드. The baby was born before the ambulance arrived.”


The video shows paramedics arriving, and unsteadily carrying the mother away on a gurney before taking her and the newborn to the hospital Sims 4 Lot.

She was only in the shop for a total of 25 minutes, and the birth itself took 11 minutes from the moment she told Barsukova she could not wait any longer adobe premiere pro cc 2017.

The manager praised her checkout staff and shoppers for the successful delivery.

“None of them had a medical education. The most important thing is that everything ended well,” Tsybulskaya said. “The baby is healthy, and we know that they are already at home.”

The baby boy weighed in at 8 pounds and has been named Ivan ojdbc6 다운로드.

The mother has not been named. Reports say it was her sixth child.

Last year the moment a mum gave birth into a butcher’s apron was caught on CCTV at a supermarket in Fresno, California 설국 열차 무료 다운로드.

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