‘Real Housewives’ star Sonja Morgan’s dress comes off during Luann de Lesseps’ cabaret show

Sonja Morgan proved she’ll go to great lengths to be the life of the party.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” star joined her fellow Housewife onstage at Luann de Lesseps’ cabaret show on Thursday night.

Everything seemed under control as Morgan danced along to the Countess’ hit song “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” But as de Lesseps turned the other way to face the crowded room at Studio 54, Morgan seemed to quickly untie the back of her wrap dress to completely expose herself.


The crowd quickly gasped but Morgan casually grabbed the ends of her dress and wrapped them around herself without missing a beat.

It’s not completely clear whether or not Morgan’s wardrobe malfunction was on purpose or by accident, but the Twitterverse overwhelmingly agrees the 54-year-old intended to expose herself.

No word yet on how de Lesseps feels on frenemy Morgan stealing the spotlight.

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