Roseanne Barr tweets ‘I’m fine’ after rumors of heart attack

Social media went a little crazy Saturday night as rumors spread that Roseanne Barr had suffered a heart attack web novel Zoara.

But the former star of the “Roseanne” reboot — now called “The Conners” following her high-profile departure — dispelled the rumors herself with a tweet 콜 오브 듀티1 다운로드.

“I’m fine,” she wrote, attaching a photo of herself.

The rumors started when Lee Stranahan, co-host of the “Fault Lines with Nixon and Stranahan” radio show on Russian-controlled Sputnik Radio, was hosting a chat on Periscope when he received a call from someone claiming to be Barr’s assistant 007 Skyfall Download.

The caller, who gave his name as Frank, said the actress had been rushed to a hospital, prompting Stranahan to abruptly end the live chat.

A short while later, Barr, 66, took to Twitter with her message 유튜브 대용량 다운로드.

In a tweet, Stranahan explained that the call came from Roseanne’s phone.

“I still don’t know who called,” he said 손거울 다운로드. “I don’t know if it’s someone who knows her.”

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