Second child coronavirus evacuee transported to California hospital with fever

A child who was one of the first 195 American evacuees from Wuhan, China — the epicenter for the deadly coronavirus outbreak — has been hospitalized with a fever, a possible symptom of the virus that has killed some 638 people and sickened more than 30,000 others worldwide Office 2016 trial.

The child, who was not identified, developed a fever on Wednesday evening while at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, and is under quarantine with the other evacuees 영화 벨 다운로드. The child, along with a parent, was then taken to Riverside University Health System-Medical Center in Moreno Valley to undergo testing for coronavirus Ghost backup download. The results from the test are expected either Friday or Saturday, reports The Press-Enterprise.


Aside from the fever, the child did not show any other symptoms of coronavirus, which have also been reported to include a cough and shortness of breath 신비 아파트 무료 다운로드.

“If they are negative like we hope, they will rejoin the cohort back at March,” Jose Arballo Jr., a Riverside County spokesperson, told the outlet Hanshow 2014 download.

The child is the second under quarantine at the base to be hospitalized with a fever. Earlier this week, another child was taken to Riverside University Health System-Medical Center for testing and observation, but was later released after the coronavirus test results were negative properties editor 다운로드.


The news comes after two planes chartered by the State Department arrived in the U.S 워크래프트 오크와 인간 다운로드. on Wednesday at Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, Calif., with one later traveling onto Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego. An estimated 350 Americans were on the two flights gta5 타노스모드 다운로드. All passengers are subject to a 14-day quarantine —  they remain in temporary housing units where they will be monitored by medical teams with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for possible symptoms of the coronavirus Type Munnet download.

More American evacuees are slated to arrive Friday on two additional State Department-chartered flights from Wuhan. However, a spokesperson from the federal agency told Fox News the two flights are expected to be the last State Department-chartered flights from the Chinese city Download the best divorce. Any U.S. citizens still in China “should attempt to depart by commercial means,” the spokesperson said. 

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