Shanann Watts’ mom says she felt her ‘spirit’ the moment she was killed

Shanann Watts’ mom told Dr. Phil that she felt her daughter’s spirit “the moment” she was murdered by her husband, Chris Watts, and heard the Holy Spirit say her name 테일즈런너 다운로드.

Sandy Rzucek, the mother, made the startling revelations to Dr. Phil.

“I felt my daughter’s spirit the moment she died,” she said. “Something woke me up and I sat at the foot of the … you know, sat up and a spear went through my forehead and I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘Shanann,’ and I said, ‘holy, something happened to my daughter.”‘

Rzucek’s daughter and two grandchildren, Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4, were also killed on Aug 스타크래프트 맵핵 다운로드. 13.

Chris Watts is serving a life sentence for the slayings. In a five-hour jailhouse interview with investigators, that he strangled his wife 텔레토비 게임 다운로드.

He then put his wife’s body in his truck, told his daughters to get into the vehicle and drove to a secluded oil field where he worked, the report said symantec endpoint protection 다운로드. He recalled taking out Shanann’s body out of the truck first, placing her where he would ultimately bury her before smothering his daughters. His older daughter begged for her life, reports said 팀뷰어 12 다운로드.

He was arrested in their murders days later when authorities recovered the girls’ bodies, which were submerged in an oil tank located where their father worked Chrome Africa download. Shanann Watts was buried in a shallow grave.

Fox News’ Katherine Lam contributed to this report. 

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