Trevor Noah compares Donald Trump to cancer during benefit speech

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah took aim at Donald Trump over the weekend by referring to the president as “a cancer.”

On Saturday night, while speaking at the Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala, an event organized by the “F— Cancer” organization, the comedian and TV host brought up Trump while speaking about a friend who had the dreaded disease xbox 360 다운로드.

Noah began his story with his friend’s words.

“‘Trevor, cancer is – it’s a scary thing because when they first tell you about it, you don’t believe it is happening,’” Noah said in the words of his friend 올팟캐스트 다운로드. “’You know that it exists but you don’t ever believe it’s something that can happen to you.””

He continued, “‘It’s something that’s scary and then you think it’s only affected you but it affects everybody around you and it seems like it’s the end and for some people it is, but for others, it isn’t ie a 태그 이미지 다운로드. And all you know is that you hate it every single day.’ I was like, ‘Wow, so cancer is Donald Trump.’ It’s pretty wild, it’s a pretty wild feeling Non-group downloads. He is, isn’t he? He really is. Genuinely is. He’s-he’s a cancer. He is a cancer that grows.”

Noah’s words racked in a roar of laughter from the audience 슈가팡 다운로드.

The talk show host went on to jokingly compare Trump to an “emotional paradox” that he has grown used to. “On the one hand, I wake up many days terrified that he is president of the most powerful nation in the world, and on the other hand, I must also admit I wake up many days knowing that he will make me laugh iPad Safari file. There is terror and then there is joy and I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Noah’s remarks at the “F Cancer” benefit were not the first time he has publically expressed his views about the president Incheon Airport.

In July, the 34-year-old famously compared Trump to an African dictator, calling out his “style” and “demeanor” while on “The Daily Show.”

“Donald Trump reminds me in many ways of many African dictators,” said Noah, who is South African 다크소울3 다운로드. “His demeanor, his style, who he presents himself as and how he processes his power is something that’s all too familiar, not just for an African but for someone from the Middle East, for instance 리눅스 터미널 파일 다운로드. Anyone who comes from a developing nation is all too familiar with a leader like him, so it’s not as shocking as it may be for many other people.”

And Noah didn’t stop there to the limitless repup. He also went on to compare the president to Hitler. “People do struggle to process negative information day in and day out, and when you can find a way to put a positive spin on it, you create, in many ways, the Charlie Chaplin effect that he created during the war, when World War II was happening, soldiers were watching his videos about Hitler and it changed the way they perceived this undefeatable leader in their minds, because of the way he was comedically processed.”

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