Trump administration appeals ruling that immigrants can stay

The Trump administration is appealing a judge’s ruling that prevents the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from four countries who are living and working in the U.S autoroute 다운로드. under temporary protected status.

Attorneys for the U.S. Department of Justice filed the notice of appeal on Thursday.

It was expected after U.S Walk to P'yongyang and it into the world. District Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco last week issued a preliminary injunction stopping the administration from ending the protections for immigrants from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador 신데렐라맨 영화 다운로드.

Temporary protected status is granted to people from countries ravaged by natural disasters or war.

The judge said there was evidence that President Donald Trump harbors prejudice against non-white, non-European immigrants Download 4K video.

The Justice Department said the administration has done nothing improper.

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